Saturday, October 6, 2012

Johnny Boy, Keep it Together.

First things first.

BTHO Ol' Miss.


Man, talk about a great start to the season - right? Oh, and everyone should watch this video:

Goosebumps, huh? Gets me all kinds of pumped up for today's game in Oxford, Mississippi.

Johnny Manziel or "Johnny Football" has done a great job in his past few games. But need us not forget - he is YOUNG. He's like, what? 19 years old, born in '92? He's still a kid! Remember his little episode a few months back at Northgate? Fake ID's, getting into fights, etc... It's what kids do! I just hope Johnny boy knows the line. I hope he's gotten 10x more responsible since then.

The rumor is that Johnny was a little punk back in high school - and to be honest, I completely believe that.

ESPN is just BLOWING him up in the news and and yeah, he's a great player with a GREAT team. The LAST thing I want to see is his head blow up the size of the state of Texas. I just have this gut feeling in my stomach that there's going to be a downfall somewhere. Overly successful quarterbacks early in their career tend to have a history of pretty dramatic downfalls.

And I hate his little nickname, "Johnny Football"... I bet he's a cocky little cupcake.

I do love ya Johnny, and I'm saying this because I care. Keep your head in the game and your nose out of the air. You've got outstanding talent, use it well. Take care of yourself. STAY OUT OF THE BARS.

And be that awesome, amazing 19-year-old quarterback we all like to rub in the face of our competitors.

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